Zong SMS Package Monthly Code

In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected is essential. Zong, one of Pakistan’s leading mobile network operators, understands this need and offers a convenient Zong SMS Package Monthly Code to keep you connected with your loved ones.

In this article, we will explore Zong’s monthly SMS packages, their subscription process, and the activation code you need to enjoy seamless communication.

Zong SMS Package Monthly Code

Zong Monthly SMS Packages:

Zong provides a range of monthly Free Zong SMS packages tailored to meet various communication needs. These packages offer a generous allocation of SMS messages, ensuring you can send heartfelt messages, and important updates, or stay in touch with friends and family effortlessly throughout the month.

Activating Your Package

To subscribe to Zong’s Monthly SMS Package, simply dial *705# from your Zong number. A subscription confirmation message will promptly grace your inbox.

From that moment, you’re set to revel in a month filled with infinite text exchanges and WhatsApp interactions.

  1. Dial the activation code *705# provided below.
  2. Wait for a confirmation message from Zong.
  3. Start enjoying the benefits of your chosen SMS package!

Zong SMS Package Monthly Code Activation

To activate your preferred Zong monthly SMS package, dial *705# from your Zong SIM card. For instance, if you want to subscribe to the Zong Monthly SMS Bundle, dial *123#.

Package Name:Zong SMS + WhatsApp
WhatsApp Mbps:30 per day
SMS:500 Per Day
Price:PKR 75
Validity:30 Days
Un-Sub:SMS “UNSUB” TO 705

Benefits of Zong Monthly SMS Packages:

Zong’s monthly SMS packages provide you with a substantial number of messages to cater to your communication needs. The Zong monthly bundle also offers you free MBs for WhatsApp.


These packages are designed to offer great value for your money, ensuring you can stay connected without breaking the bank.

Seamless Integration:

Zong’s SMS packages can be easily integrated with other Zong services like data, internet, and voice packages for a comprehensive communication experience.

High-Speed 4G Connectivity:

Enjoy the convenience of Zong’s high-speed 4G network while sending SMS messages, ensuring quick delivery and a smooth user experience.

Wide Coverage: Zong’s network coverage spans across Pakistan, enabling you to stay connected no matter where you are.

Your Queries Answered

Q: How much does the Zong Monthly SMS Package cost?

A: Zong values your hard-earned money. This package offers unparalleled value at an incredibly affordable price of PKR 50+tax.

Q: How do I check my remaining SMS and WhatsApp data?

A: To maintain transparency, Zong allows you to monitor your usage. Dial *102# for a detailed account of your remaining resources.

Q: What happens once my SMS or WhatsApp data limit is exhausted?

A: Zong has got you covered. Once your package resources are exhausted, standard rates apply, ensuring uninterrupted communication.


Zong’s Monthly SMS Package isn’t merely an offer; it’s a revolution in the communication landscape. With this package, Zong has reinforced its commitment to offering a seamless, affordable, and customer-centric telecommunication experience.

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