How to Unsubscribe Ufone Packages

Unsubscribing from Ufone packages is a straightforward process, but it’s essential to understand the reasons behind the decision and the significance of following the correct procedure.

Ufone, like many other mobile service providers, offers a variety of packages catering to different needs. However, circumstances may arise where a subscriber wishes to discontinue a particular package, whether due to changing requirements or dissatisfaction with the current plan.

How to Unsubscribe Ufone Packages

Ufone has made it super easy to cancel any subscribed offer with just a simple code. You can manage all Ufone offers by dialing *7701# — it’s that straightforward!

To unsubscribe from a Ufone package, begin by accessing your Ufone account. This can typically be done through the Ufone website or mobile app. Log in using your credentials to gain access to your account dashboard, where you’ll find comprehensive information about your current subscriptions, usage details, and account settings.

Checking Current Subscribed Packages

Navigate to the section that displays your current subscribed packages. This area will provide a detailed overview of the services you are currently using. Take note of the specific package you wish to unsubscribe from and gather information about any associated terms or conditions.

Understanding Package Details

Before initiating the unsubscription process, make sure you fully understand the details of the package you are subscribed to. Take note of any benefits, limitations, or charges associated with the package. This information will be crucial in later steps of the unsubscription process.

How to Easily Unsubscribe from Ufone SMS Packages

Each Ufone package has a unique unsubscribe code. Find this code either in the package details on the Ufone website or by contacting Ufone customer support. The unsubscribe code is essential for sending the correct SMS to deactivate the package.

Compose a text message using the identified unsubscribe code. Include any required information, such as your account details or additional verification data, as specified in the package details. Ensure the accuracy of the message to avoid processing errors.

PackageUnsubscribe Code
Daily BucketSend “UNSUB” to 506
Daily SMS PackageSend “UNSUB” to 605
On-Net SMS PackageSend “UNSUB” to 8611
Weekly SMS PackageSend “UNSUB” to 8066
Yearly SMS PackageSend “UNSUB” to 8601
Night SMS PackageSend “UNSUB” to 8609
Uth FNF SMS PackageSend “UNSUB” to 8604

Send the composed message to the designated Ufone number for unsubscriptions. This number is typically provided along with the unsubscribe code. Wait for a confirmation message to verify the successful unsubscription.

How to Unsubscribe Ufone Call Packages

If you’ve had your fill of Ufone call packages and your preferences have shifted, we’ve got you covered with a quick and easy solution.

Bid adieu to all Ufone Call Packages and Call Waiting Services simultaneously by simply dialing *43# from your mobile dialer. It’s as easy as that!

Daily Pakistan OfferDial *8880#
Daily LightDial *2257#

Easy Way to Manage Ufone Services

We want to ensure you have control over your subscriptions. If you find any services activated without your consent, you can quickly check and deactivate them to avoid unnecessary balance deductions. Here are the codes to make it easy:

Ufone Number Blocking ServiceSend “UNSUB” to 420
Utune Service PackageSend “UNSUB” to 666
Call Waiting ServiceDial *43#
All Offers UnsubCall to 333
Ufone Power HourDial *5443#
Ufone Jokes UnsubCall to 333
Notify Me ServiceSend “UNSUB” to 3030
Ufone Ladies LoungeSend “UNSUB” to 2525
Auto Balance Alert UnsubDial *127*2# Call 127 and then press 2
Ufone Advance BalanceCall to 333
Ufone RBT ServiceSend “UNSUB” to 666
Collect Call ServiceSend “UNSUB” to 902
Kan Hai Ufone serviceDial *406# and then press 2 Send “UNSUB” to 3404
Ufone UMonitor ServiceSend “UNSUB” to 6464
My Status UfoneSend “UNSUB” to 6525
Missed Call Alert NotificationSend “UNSUB” to 180

Unsubscribing via Ufone Helpline

For those who prefer a more direct approach, unsubscribing via the Ufone helpline 333 or 033-11-333-100 is a viable option. Dial the Ufone customer service number from your mobile device. This number is usually prominently displayed on the Ufone website or can be found in your subscription details

Unsubscribing via Ufone Website/App

For a self-service option, log into the Ufone website or mobile app. Use your credentials to access your account dashboard. Once logged in, navigate to the section specifically designated for managing subscriptions and services.

Navigating to the Subscription Management Section

Within the account dashboard, locate the subscription management or package management section. This area will provide a list of your active subscriptions. Identify the package you want to unsubscribe from and select the corresponding option for cancellation or unsubscription.

Selecting the Desired Package for Unsubscription

Follow the on-screen instructions to select the desired package for unsubscription. Confirm your choice and provide any necessary details as prompted. Review the terms and conditions associated with the unsubscription, and finalize the process.


In conclusion, the process of unsubscribing from Ufone packages involves several steps to ensure a smooth and accurate transition. Whether opting for SMS, helpline assistance, or self-service through the website or app, following the correct procedure is essential. By identifying your package, understanding its details, and confirming the unsubscription, you can successfully manage your Ufone subscriptions.

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