Zong Free SMS Code 2024 Gift SMS Without Balance

Have you ever wished that you had a way to send an unlimited number of text messages without paying a hefty fee?

Well, now there is! Zong offers a free SMS code that allows its users to send as many messages as they want without any charges. The free SMS code is designed to make communication easier and more accessible.

So take advantage now and start sending away—just remember to enter the special code when you’re signing up so that your texts stay free. With the Zong free SMS code, the possibilities are endless!

Zong Free SMS Code

Activation of Zong Free SMS Code

As a Zong user, all you need to do to avail of this service is to dial a specific USSD code dial *482#. Once activated, you’re free to send unlimited text messages to any network within the country. The best part is, this service doesn’t consume your mobile data or SMS bundle!

  1. Hidden Gift Codes for Prepaid Users:
    • 5372# or 568*23#: These two codes contain hidden gifts for Zong prepaid users. Keep trying these codes multiple times to unlock exciting gift bundles.
  2. Turn On SIM and Get Free Bundles:
    • *2244#: To enjoy free internet, SMS, and call bundles, make sure to turn on your Zong SIM after 30 days of inactivity. This offer is available for eligible users.
  3. Unlimited SMS for One Day:
    • *638#: Dial this code to receive unlimited SMS for one day without any balance. Feel free to try this code repeatedly to avail this special offer.
  4. New SIM User Offer:
    • *10#: This code is exclusively for new Zong SIM users. By dialing this code, you can unlock exciting benefits and offers.
  5. 500 Free SMS with Unlimited Validity:
    • *34#: Dial this code to receive 500 free SMS with unlimited validity. No additional requirements are necessary to enjoy this offer.
  6. Convert 3G SIM to 4G and Get Free Internet:
    • *44#: Convert your 3G Zong SIM to 4G by dialing this code and enjoy free internet without any balance requirements.
  7. Send Empty SMS to 4111:
    • Send an empty SMS to 4111 to avail special offers and promotions. Stay tuned for exciting deals and benefits.

Zong Send Free SMS without Balance Codes

Zong has made it incredibly convenient for its customers to send SMS messages without having to worry about their account balance. By using the Zong free SMS code, you can enjoy the freedom of unlimited messaging. Simply follow the steps below to activate this fantastic service:

  1. Open the messaging app on your Zong-powered mobile phone.
  2. Compose a new message.
  3. In the recipient’s number field, enter the desired phone number.
  4. Type your message in the message body.
  5. Before sending, enter the Zong free SMS code: Dial *700# in dial pad

Once you’ve entered the code, hit the send button, and voila! Your message will be delivered instantly, without any charges deducted from your balance.

Zong 10 SMS Free Code

The Zong 10 SMS Free Code is a great way for you to stay connected with friends and family without having to worry about running out of balance. With this code, you’ll get 10 free SMS every day absolutely free!

Just dial *482# and start sending those important messages without any worry. So go ahead and stay connected with everyone without having to worry about spending any money!


Q: How does the Zong Free SMS code work?

A: The Zong Free SMS code is a unique USSD code that, once dialed, enables free SMS service on your mobile number.

Q: Can I send free international SMS using the Zong Free SMS code?

A: Currently, the Zong Free SMS code is for domestic use only. However, Zong is actively working to include international SMS as well.

Q: How do I recharge my Zong account?

A: You can recharge your Zong account via a Zong card from any retail shop or using an online banking app.

Q: Does the free SMS service remain active if I have no balance?

A: A minimal balance is required in your account to use the Zong Free SMS code service.


In conclusion, using the Zong free SMS code is a great way to save money on your monthly phone bills. Not only will you be able to send text messages for free, you will also benefit from more features that are offered by Zong.

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