Jazz Infinity Voice Offer Code 90 Days Validity

Jazz, Pakistan’s leading telecommunications network, is once again revolutionizing the way we connect with our loved ones through its latest offering – the Jazz Infinity Voice Offer.

As the pioneer of innovative telecom services, Jazz introduces a game-changing prepaid voice bundle that empowers users to make unlimited calls across all networks for a span of 90 days, bridging gaps and bringing people closer like never before.

Jazz Infinity Voice Offer Code 90 Days Validity

Endless Conversations with Jazz Infinity Voice Offer

Say goodbye to call setup fees and welcome an uninterrupted calling experience with the Jazz Infinity Voice Offer. Subscribers gain access to a generous package of 120 Jazz minutes and an additional 20 minutes for calls to other networks. This comprehensive offer ensures that users can reach out to friends and family without worrying about distance or network restrictions.

Affordable Pricing for All:

Jazz understands the diverse needs of its customer base and has priced the Infinity Voice Offer at an incredibly affordable rate of Rs. 100 for a 90-day subscription. This offer is available nationwide, with the exception of Gwadar and Turbat, where residents can enjoy this exceptional package for Rs. 128. Regardless of your location, Jazz remains committed to delivering quality communication services at budget-friendly rates.

Easy Activation Process:

Activating the Jazz Infinity Voice Offer is a breeze. Dial *710# from your prepaid Jazz number, and for just Rs. 100 (including tax), you can enjoy endless calling for the next three months.

Alternatively, customers can conveniently activate the offer online by visiting the official Jazz website, entering their prepaid Jazz SIM number, and enjoying hassle-free connectivity.

ON NET MINUTES– 120 Jazz Minutes
OFF NET MINUTES– 20 Other Network Minutes
CHARGESPrice: Rs. 100 PKR

Check Usage and Remaining Minutes:

Keeping track of your usage is simple with Jazz. Dial 7102# to check the status of your Infinity Voice Offer. This code provides users with detailed information about their usage and the remaining minutes, ensuring transparency and control over their subscription.

Seamless Deactivation Process:

While the Infinity Voice Offer is non-recursive and automatically deactivates upon expiry, Jazz ensures a user-friendly deactivation process for those who wish to opt out. Dial 7104# to deactivate the offer at any time. It’s important to note that deactivating the offer does not result in a refund of any charges deducted during the activation period.

Customer Support:

For any queries related to the Jazz Infinity Voice Offer, customers can dial 7103# to access relevant information and assistance. Jazz remains committed to providing excellent customer support to enhance the overall user experience.


With the Jazz Infinity Voice Offer, the telecommunications giant continues to redefine the way Pakistan communicates. This budget-friendly, feature-rich offering ensures that subscribers can stay connected with their loved ones effortlessly, regardless of the geographical distance. Embrace the future of communication with Jazz and experience the infinity of seamless conversations.

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