How to Unsubscribe Jazz Packages?

Unsubscribing from Jazz packages is a straightforward process that allows users to manage their mobile services efficiently.

Jazz, a prominent telecommunications service provider, offers various packages to cater to diverse user needs. Knowing how to unsubscribe from Jazz packages is crucial, as it ensures that users have control over their subscriptions, preventing unwanted charges and services.

This guide will walk you through the steps to successfully unsubscribe from Jazz packages, providing multiple methods for your convenience.

How to Unsubscribe Jazz Packages?

Identifying Your Current Jazz Package

Determining your current Jazz package is the first step in the unsubscription process. Dial the USSD code *123# on your mobile device, and navigate through the menu to find details about your active package.

Additionally, you can check your package details through the Jazz website or mobile app, where a comprehensive list of your active subscriptions is usually available.

Guide to Deactivate Jazz Packages

To simplify the process of deactivating Jazz packages, follow these easy steps:

  1. Messaging App Method:
    • Open the messaging app on your mobile phone.
    • Type “UNSUB” and send it to 6611.
    • Receive a confirmation message indicating successful unsubscription from all active Jazz packages.
    • Note: Non-recursive offers will remain in the menu until expiration, but they will also be unsubscribed.
  2. Dialing Unsub Codes:
    • Alternatively, you can deactivate specific packages by dialing their respective unsubscribe codes, which are provided below in this article.
  3. List and Unsubscribe Method:
    • Type “LIST” in your mobile messaging section and send it to 6611.
    • Receive a list of active packages.
    • Unsubscribe by replying with “UNSUB (space) service name.”
    • Congratulations, you are now unsubscribed from the selected packages.

These straightforward methods provide flexibility in managing your Jazz packages according to your preferences. Choose the option that suits you best for a hassle-free experience.

Available Unsubscription Methods

Unsubscribing from Jazz packages is a flexible process, offering users various methods to suit their preferences and convenience.

USSD Code Method

Unsubscribing via USSD code is one of the quickest methods. Dial *100# or the specific code provided for your package, follow the on-screen instructions, and select the option to unsubscribe. This method is user-friendly and accessible from any mobile device.

SMS Method

If you prefer a text-based approach, you can unsubscribe by sending an SMS. Compose a message with the keyword for unsubscription and send it to the designated number provided by Jazz. Be sure to follow the correct format to ensure a successful unsubscription.

Jazz Website or Mobile App

For a more comprehensive control over your subscriptions, log into your Jazz account through the official website or mobile app. Navigate to the package management section, locate the specific package you want to unsubscribe from, and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the unsubscription process.

Other Packages Unsub Codes

Jazz Packages ListUnsubscription Code
My StatusSend “Unsub” to 6085
Caller TuneSend “Unsub” to 230
Auto ReplyDial 7071#
TV AppSend “Unsub” to 6611
GameloftSend “Game Stop” to 6767
Game ClubSend “Unsub” to 6611
Game NowSend “Unsub” to 6611
Game LeagueSend “Unsub” to 6611
Drive AppUse the Jazz Drive app
HungamaSend “Unsub” to 6611
HungamaCall on 111
Advance BalanceDial *112*4#
Instantic SMSSend “block” to 6064
Champion package*337*8#
Block Call & SMSDial *420#
Balance Save*869#
SlypeeSend “Unsub” to 6611
MegastoreCall on 111
Daily SMS Package*101*4*01#


In conclusion, unsubscribing from Jazz packages is a user-friendly process with multiple methods available. Whether using USSD codes, SMS, or the Jazz website/app, users have flexibility in managing their subscriptions.

Understanding your package, reviewing terms and conditions, and verifying unsubscription success are crucial steps to ensure a smooth experience.

In case of any issues, Jazz’s customer support is readily available to provide assistance, making the unsubscription process hassle-free for users.

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