How to Transfer Balance From Telenor to Telenor

Transferring credit from one mobile phone to another is a common need, especially among Telenor users. Whether it’s to aid a friend in a pinch or to manage family accounts, Telenor has made it simple to share balance. This guide will walk you through the process smoothly.

How to Transfer Balance From Telenor to Telenor

Understanding Telenor’s Balance Transfer Service

Telenor’s balance transfer service is a handy feature that allows its subscribers to send a part of their mobile credit to other Telenor users. This service is ideal for those times when someone you know needs credit immediately, and you wish to help them out without any hassle.

Eligibility Criteria

Before you proceed, ensure that both the sending and receiving parties are on the Telenor network. It’s also important to check that both SIMs are active and have been in use for a certain period as per Telenor’s policy.

Initiating a Balance Transfer

Transferring balance involves a simple code that you can dial from your Telenor phone. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Dial the Code

  • Open your phone’s dial pad.
  • Enter the balance transfer code provided by Telenor followed by the amount you wish to send and the recipient’s phone number.

Step 2: Confirm the Transaction

  • After dialing the code, you’ll receive a message to confirm the transaction.
  • Follow the prompt to confirm that you want to transfer balance to the intended number.

Tips for a Successful Balance Transfer

  • Ensure you have sufficient balance. The amount you wish to transfer plus the service fee should be available in your account.
  • Double-check the receiver’s phone number. A wrong number could mean sending balance to someone else.
  • Keep an eye on transaction limits. Telenor may have daily or monthly limits on how much balance you can transfer.

After the Transfer

Once the transfer is successful, both parties will receive a confirmation message. The receiver can then use the balance as they normally would, for calls, texts, or data services.

Checking Balance After Transfer

  • It’s good practice to check your balance after the transfer to ensure the correct amount has been deducted.


The ability to transfer balance from Telenor to Telenor is a convenient service that reflects the telecom giant’s commitment to providing user-centric solutions.

By following the steps outlined, you can ensure that your loved ones are never out of credit and always just a call away. Stay connected with ease, courtesy of Telenor’s user-friendly services.

For those looking to transfer credit to friends or family on different networks, please refer to our guide on How to Transfer Balance From Telenor to Other Network for detailed instructions.

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